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Software Links

A list of free software that I use on a regular basis. Many but not all of the programs are open source.

  • Audacity: An open source audio editor.
  • jEdit: A Java-based text editor for Mac and PC.
  • The GIMP: Powerful open source photo editing program.
  • Google SketchUp: Google's 3D model editor. Way cool.
  • HandBrake: An open source DVD to MPEG 4 ripper.
  • MAMP: A simple single installer for Apache, MySQl, and PHP on a Mac. Way useful for development.
  • NeoOffice: An open source version of Office for the Mac. Based on OpenOffice.
  • TextWrangler: An awesome feature-full free text editor for Mac.
  • TightVNC: An open source VNC viewer and server for the PC.

My List of How-Tos and What-Abouts

Fedora 7 Postfix Smart-hosting with SASL and MySQL

How Do I Share My iPhoto or iTunes Library With More than One User

Passwordless SSH Logins

Useful Linux Commands

Spam Filter for Postfix

Plans for the Future

Recipe Book

Stoddard Family Archive

Random Links

StoddardBase - Collection of family history media

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