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Welcome to the Wiki

This site includes a family newsletter, family history, and other records of Janet and Evan Stoddard's family. The site will continue to evolve as more family members are added to the page and more content is created.

  • NeilDocs - Information about computers and resources to use them


Recent changes to the Wiki:

  • As of July 24, 2007 anonymous users cannot register for accounts. I made this change to protect the wiki from unauthorized editing. I will be happy to create accounts for those that request them.
  • I added help files to the Wiki. You can access the help by clicking on Help in the left sidebar.


You can only edit pages if you have a user account. Creation of user accounts is restricted to prevent unauthorized use. To receive a user account please email [email protected] and provide a username and registration email if different email than the sender. If it isn't obvious you may also want to tell me who you are. After the registration has been approved you will receive a random password by email that will allow you to access and edit pages.

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